The Tstud foam core minimizes the sound vibrations through the wall +6.

Besides offering a “complete” thermal break through the wall assembly, the Tstud™ also offers an impressive ability to minimize the vibration of sound through a wall.

The Tstud™ has been tested by USG (United States Gypsum) in their state of the art sound proof testing facility. The Tstud™ Wall Assembly provided an STC (sound transmission class) rating of a +6, which is equivalent to a wall being constructed with RC Channel (resilient channel) being applied to both sides of a wall.  This is a key benefit for structures being built next to noisy freeways, commercial locations, railroad tracks, etc. Equally important, the Tstud™ has many applications for use in interior party wall construction where STC ratings are important to minimize the transmission of sound from one room to the next. As in hotels, motels, apartments, senior housing, and in commercial or industrial applications. 

The benefits don’t end with building!

The Tstud™ foam core provides an impressive amount of sound proofing, equivalent to using resilient channel to both sides of a wall.

The Type 1 foam with its HFO is constructed using EPA-approved blowing agents. With life safety protection in mind, it is designed to char rather than melt and spread flames like other insulators in today’s market (most being a Type 2). Both of these properties make the Tstud™ the ideal choice for party walls that require a fire rating, as well as for interior walls around utility rooms, or exterior walls next to high traffic areas.

It can cost thousands to add resilient channel to both sides of wall to reduce sound vibration. The same sound transmission rating is free with a Tstud™ wall.